One List, One Life
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One List One Life


In late October, my best friend called and told me his cancer was returning.

He said ''I'm afraid I won't be able to experience the things I want to in life."  I decided to drop out of college to spend time experiencing our bucket list together.

In April, 2018 Chris found a bone marrow donor and entered treatment to beat his cancer. 

After we completed Chris' journey with his bucket list, we made a documentary to launch off his legacy and make bucket lists possible for other people greatly affected by cancer. We're documenting their journeys and giving them a platform to tell their story.


Ways To Particpate


View The Journey
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We're documenting both of our lives as we hope to overcome this battle. Support us as we try and cross off all of the items on the list!


Contribute to the Journey

Consider supporting our mission of making bucket lists possible for cancer patients.

It's not easy to ask strangers for money and I'm sure it's even harder to consider supporting the journey. You will be directly supporting our ability to provide adventurous once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to cancer patients.