One List One Life

Weekly Videos of Cancer Patients Experiencing Their Bucket Lists

One List One Life is weekly videos following Dillon and Clay's journey in making bucket lists possible for people greatly affected by cancer.

We want to produce a show that conveys two important messages: 

1. Local and global communities play a huge role in supporting cancer patients. 
2. There are unknown perspectives out there that can help us understand a lot more about our own lives.

100% of support on Patreon and T-Shirt sales go to these bucket list videos. Big or small, we're documenting these amazing moments! 

How To Help

1. Support The Bucket List Videos

Your support allows us to continue documenting cancer patient's bucket lists as our full time job. 

This support allows us to make weekly bucket list videos (plus you get exclusive content!)



2. Follow our journey

Having people actively follow and share our journey gives us the motivation to fight past the cancer and keep living life to the fullest. Youtube is where most of our content will be posted, and it's a great way to join us as we cross items off the list.