Two Guys Doing Everything We Can To

Live For Another

by making bucket list dreams possible for people greatly affected by cancer.

What Is One List One Life?

One List One Life is the story of two friends, Clay and Dillon, doing everything they can to make bucket list dreams possible for people greatly affected by cancer. 

Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s sad. Hell, sometimes Clay even dresses up as a Cheetah. 

We’ve seen the crazy things that happen when you spend just a little bit of effort to Live For Another and One List One Life is our attempt to document all the high’s and low’s of that journey.

The Bucket Lists We're Working On

Every 10 days, We Release a Video.

Our videos are what make One List One Life so special.We aren’t just a faceless organization doing good in the world, we are a group of people from across the world coming together to experience life together.

Though our videos can be anything from a vlog to a comedy sketch, they always have goal in mind: inspire our viewers to Live For Another. 

Generally, our videos are either crossing a bucket list item off for a cancer patient OR announcing a community event designed to help a cancer patient with their bucket list.

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