After our friend was given one year to live due to a re-diagnosis of cancer, Dillon posted this video.

We never expected to cross off so many amazing things from our bucket list like Breaking a World Record or Cashing a Giant Check, but our community helped us to achieve incredible things in a short amount of time.

Something we realized very early on was we didn't deserve any of the amazing things happening to us. Chris was battling cancer, but so are thousands of other people across the world.

We had an idea.

What if we built a company that told cancer patient's stories and opened up opportunities for them to experience their bucket lists? We got started locally with a young boy named JoshHe had a few weeks left to live and asked us to simply get him in touch with Will Ferrell. We did

Starting today, Clay and Dillon will begin transferring the torch from Chris to someone else...her name is Lexi.