Our Story

In 2017, our friend since 5th grade was re-diagnosed with and cancer given a year to live. Hearing that news, we started our documentary series – we asked the internet to help make our bucket list possible while we still had the chance.

That story went viral – over 100m people heard about our adventures and tuned in to support our biggest dreams like meeting Danny Devito or touring SpaceX.

In March of 2018, we crossed #4 off our bucket list: Break a World Record. We broke the world record for most bone marrow donor signups in one day – one of those signups saved our best friends life.

We saw the power that the internet had: it can change someone’s life.

Now our goal is to make those moments possible for other people greatly affected by cancer.

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Our Dream

With our videos, we hope to use the power of social media to inspire people to take action – together as a community we can help make incredible things possible for cancer patients.

Our biggest dream is to be able to tell amazing perspectives to our audience and see them rally together to make a huge difference.

Who Are We?

Dillon - One List One Life

I was was attending UC Davis as an undergrad in Managerial Economics and Cognitive Science before dropping out of college to help Chris complete his bucket list. Before that, most of my time went to Gamers Gift, a 501(c)3 non-profit that uses video games as a way to help children in the hospital and people facing disabilities.

One List One Life is important to me because I love the internet and I think we can use it to inspire people to help eachother as much as possible.

Clay - One List One Life

Dillon and I went to elementary, middle, and high-school together before going our separate ways for college. Eventually, I left Santa Clara University and joined a small start-up here in Sacramento. Dillon reached out to me about what his idea of turning One List One Life into something that helps more than just our friend Chris – I spoke to my wife and almost immediately quit my job to get started. 

One List One Life is important to me because I saw just how impactful our videos can be – I want as many people as possible to experience that joy.

Together, we run two organizations.

One List One Life is our reason to wake up in the morning – we love to work on these videos and bring joy to the people we help and the people in our community. Dillon leads the charge by producing/editing the videos and planning events/ bucket list items.

Clay, on the other hand, leads One List Media – the organization that helps us pay our bills while we’re working to grow One List One Life. One List Media is not nearly as exciting, but we use our experience with the internet to help small businesses get more customers.

The Bucket Lists We're Working On

We start by working with each person to come up with a bucket list  – we believe this list is a reflection of their story. From there, we work on an introduction video so our community knows who they are. Then, we get to work on how we can make their bucket list dreams possible. More importantly, how can we document that journey and inspire our viewers to make a difference to people in their lives?

For example, #26 on Talon’s bucket list is to have a huge tennis ball fight. We’ve been calling dozens of organizations locally – so far we’ve gathered over 400 tennis balls. Once we have enough, we’ll coordinate an entire ‘war’ with hundreds of friends.

Because One List One Life is a video series, all of that will be documented on film – you’ll see exactly how you helped contribute to an amazing experience.

What does it mean to 'Live For Another'?

One List One Life started because we came together to turn a tragic situation into an incredible journey. That being said, we hit the ground running and never had a chance to understand what we were doing until late 2018. We sat in our office for a couple hours trying to define what One List One Life was.

After dozens of terrible slogans, we came up with ‘Live For Another’. It might mean do your best to live for another beautiful day. It might mean consider how you could do something to make another person’s day a little brighter. We don’t really know, to be honest. We just know that waking up everyday thinking of ways to make something magical happen for cancer patients has changed our lives and we want other people to experience that adventure with us.