Butter Beer Make’s The World Go Round

The first thing we did when visiting Universal Studios Hollywood was of course visit Harry Potter World and try some Butter Beer. Well, that was after a bathroom break of course.

We Tried a Kobe Beef Burger

The only thing better than a cheese burger is finding the ONLY cheeseburger in the whole city.

Santa Monica

The ultimate place to have a relaxing and exciting day! From the beach to the rollercoaster, Santa Monica Pier is full of must sees and things to experience!

World’s Biggest Pinecone in Yosemite

Can We Climb A Yosemite Waterfall? It's no Double Rainbow or tightrope walking, but an awesome journey nonetheless!

Dear ‘The Avengers’

On August 3rd We're Watching 48 Hours of Marvel Movies - #AvengeSarcoma.

We Painted a Mural

If you had 1059 metric tons of paint what would you do? Well, unfortunately we only had a couple cans but we still did something pretty neat.

We Met a Cheetah and Became Best Friends

Hey, remember that time we wrestled a bear? It's like that, but less bears.

Zip Lining Through The Redwoods

Yes, I was scared. Yes, I did scream like a baby.

Dolphins Feel Like Hot Dogs

We knew surprising Lexi with dolphins would be fun, but who could've guessed how weird they felt?

Crossing Off ‘Play With a Pile Of Puppies’ From Her Bucket List

Lexi saw 'be smothered by puppies' on her bucket list and loved the idea so much she added it to her list!

Lexi Has a Bucket List

Lexi was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer at the age of 20. We saw a photo of her on Reddit and decided to reach out to make her bucket list together.

We Made a Movie

The story of what led up to the release of our documentary 'How We Lived It'

How We Lived It

In 2017, Clay and Dillon found out their friend since 5th grade had one year left to live.  'How We Lived It' is the story of how we responded to that news and began our incredible adventure.