As it seems that I am being announced on social media today, I have been asked to write this blog post to give a bit of background on myself and what it’s been like working with these clowns.

    I joined the team about 3 months ago as it was just getting off the ground and have been pulled along ever since. Despite my recent entry, I’m not necessarily new to the party with Chris and Dillon. I’ve been good friends with both of them since elementary school, so, I can confirm for any non-believers out there that they truly have been best friends since childhood. I’m also conveniently a college drop out...so, overall, you can say that I fit the team pretty well.

      When I first came onboard I was in the thralls of planning a wedding and working a fulltime job for a startup so we would meet up after work to try and overcome the masses of things we needed to get done. However, then my side of the story got interesting. About two weeks before my wedding I was fired from that fulltime job and my only source of income. I was faced with having to figure out how to make money to support my wife and I when we had literally had a negative balance in our bank account. So, like any smart college drop-out, rather than go get some steady job, I decided to dedicate all of my time to helping Chris, and hopefully others, live out there bucket lists. It was a very hard decision and my wife and I had many conversations about it, but ultimately this was the decision we made and I’m confident that it is a very good one.


     Because of me telling the guys about everything that was going on in my life during this decision period though, it has lead to many divorce jokes, one of which made it onto the H3 podcast, soI want to publicly say that I have yet to be threatened with divorce. However, there have been a many conversations about getting a “real” job before I somehow convinced my wife that this was a “good” decision...

     So, what do I even do you ask? Well my current roles range from being taught how to record video, giving advice on things I know nothing about, trying to understand these guys’ sense of humor, and on a more serious note helping with overall strategy, and finance what we’re doing by running digital marketing campaigns and building websites for businesses in our area. The goal is to grow our patreon and other support systems to the point that we are self sustaining and can help many people with terminal cancer live out their bucket lists, but for now we are financing it with the income from our clients. Also, on the topic of the bucket list, we do have some exciting things for you all that are coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned!

     Overall, I am blessed to be able to work alongside Chris and Dillon as we experience this journey. It’s been a rough road so far, but I am certain that what we are doing now is going to change many lives. I hope this has given you a better idea of who I am and now it’s my time to sign off.

-Clay Stevens

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