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    Hey all,

    We recently made the announcement that Clay won’t be able to spend much time on One List One Life anymore.

    A normal person would take that as a sign to move on, but I’m far from a normal person. I know what this community can create and I’m determined to make it happen.

    Moving forward, I’m going to slow down the frequency of videos to focus on three important things:

    • Setting up more opportunities for you to get involved
    • Telling better stories
    • Better articulating the idea of #LiveForAnother

    All that is to say, I’m hard at work working on some new videos, so I wanted to share them with you!

    • $10,000 Smile Challenge: Who can make the most smiles with $10k?
      • I will be partnering with Gamers Gift to buy a BUNCH of video games
      • I’ll be making a donation to a local children’s hospital AND to Talon (who’s in the hospital)
      • The community will be challenged to visit a local children’s hospital themselves. The twist? Ya’ll are going to have a $10,000 budget and I’ll do all the legwork, then fly to your city and help the visit
    • Rubix Cube Mural
      • There’s an artist that makes Rubix Cube murals of celebrities and gets their attention
      • What if I got a BUNCH of rubix cubes and made a couple of murals to get the attention of some celebrities Lexi and Talon want to meet?
    • My Birthday
      • My birthday is coming up, so I wanted to do something cool!
      • I will be partnering with a couple of local volunteer organizations to show off how easy + impactful it is to get involved
      • An example is I will be training to bake a cake for some underprivileged youth, or adopting a dog 😉
    • World’ Biggest Pay it Forward
      • Lexi wants to pay for someone else’s meal, but I wanted to go BIG
      • I’m setting up a partnership with a local coffee shop to try and coordinate a pay it forward chain of 500+ people
    • Fashion Show
      • Lexi wants to be in a fashion show, so…
      • I’ve rented out a local theatre and coordinated with makeup and hair artists.
      • I’ll be bringing out of the spiderman costume 😉

    There’s some other stuff in the works, but Talon or Lexi might read this and I want to surprise them. Please leave a response and let me know what you think!

    As you know, they might not all work out in the end but I wanted to make it clear to ya’ll that this aint’ over til the fat lady sings! Maybe I’ll sing at the fashion show, though…

    Love ya!

    p.s. I hope I’ll be able to introduce John to ya’ll soon, he’s a father of two who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. Wish him luck in his recovery so we can start crossing some stuff off his list!


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