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    Sherry Lynn Madcat
    Bronze Bucketeer

    1) Get you guys to run you through a D&D Campaign (or game) due to your list request #120
    2) Go see the Reptarium
    3) Write a book
    4) Sell artwork online
    5) Find out what is going on with my back and fix it so I can stand for more than 5 minutes and get out of bed without feeling like screaming.
    6) Create more YouTube content: important interviews, streams on games, streams doing art, music videos of more artwork and animals as well.
    7) Do a box opening getting an animal on my YT.
    8) Be able to buy an animal from Tiki’s Geckos.
    9) Breed my crested geckos when they get old enough.
    10) Interview a well-known YT personality.
    11) Play with baby leopard geckos.
    12) Learn to speak well on my videos.
    13) Meet the Irwin family and spend time with them.
    14) Have a YT celebrity that I like visit for long chats and food.
    15) Create a cute Daz figure style that I can use with faces.
    16) Have my guild in ESO be successful.
    17) Go horseback riding.

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    Shiny Bucketeer

    I know we can immediately help with #4…setting up a squarespace site is pretty easy!

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    Sherry Lynn Madcat
    Bronze Bucketeer

    Squarespace. Hm. I think that could work for building my … what do they call it now? It’s not “name” anymore. It’s some trendy word for building your online presence. I will remember it later. Nothing to really lose with that, if they have a free version nothing to lose. I’d rather put money to you guys than to a webpage.I will have to try this out in full!

    Thanks Dillon! It is a good idea. I like.

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      Jim J.

      I think you might be referring to ‘branding’? Maybe??? Just a guess

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      Shiny Bucketeer

      That makes the most sense, I think.

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      Sherry Lynn Madcat
      Bronze Bucketeer

      Exactly! Branding. There is so much to it that can be done.

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