Who are we?

One List One Life is a video series of two friends, Clay and Dillon, on the journey of making bucket list dreams possible for people with cancer.

Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s sad. Hell, sometimes Clay even dresses up as a Cheetah. 

We’ve seen the crazy things that happen when you spend just a little bit of effort to Live For Another and One List One Life is our attempt to document all the high’s and low’s of that journey.

We're looking for a

Why we need you.

We’re passionate about what we’re building – we get to work hard, experience incredible things, and help others. Our ability to do those things are largely dependent on awareness of our mission.

Say, for example, a cancer patient wants to ‘Meet Selena Gomez’ (in fact, that is on Lexi’s bucket list). Even if we had $5,000,000 – that wouldn’t necessarily mean we could convince Selena to meet the patient. 

Broadly speaking, our three focuses right now are:

  • Improving our videos
  • Growing our organic audience
  • Establishing a clear/trackable paid growth strategy (i.e. if we invest $X, we will earn $Y). 

We Need Someone Who

For those reasons, we’re looking for someone passionate about our goals, comfortable with our business model, and creative in our mission. We have big ideas – I hope you’ll be able to contribute/dream with us.

Because we are a startup, we want someone comfortable being a founder. That is, we want someone as emotionally invested as we are in the success of our mission, not someone who only interested in a paycheck. We hope that you’ll be on stage accepting awards with us in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years time. 

More specifically, we need help with (but not limited to) the following:

(you do not need skills in all of these, but should have a capacity to learn)

  • Broad PR (for our mission),
  • Specific PR (generating news attention around specific bucket list items, like car blogs if we drive a racecar)
  • Paid Marketing Campaigns
  • Organic Growth Strategy/Execution
  • Video Production (Pre, Production, Post)
  • Event Planning
  • Corporate Reachouts

As an example:

We are currently planning to break the world record for ‘Biggest Tennis Ball Fight’ to help Talon, a young boy battling Stage 4 cancer, cross off two bucket list items. We need to generate local event attendees, produce an interesting/engaging video. 

Another example

We are also in the planning stages of booking an entire theater for a private screening of ‘End Game’ for a number of cancer patients, and Lexi. After confirming a theater, we need to generate awareness around our event to enable Marvel cast/crew to film an introduction video the screening – encouraging the cancer patients too keep fighting.

What's the business?

To a casual viewer, we do awesome things for people with cancer. To our dedicated audience, we work hard to try our best to help others. 

To us, our videos document our attempt to inspire other people to spend time to ‘Live For Another’. We think that the internet, viral content, and community can make really awesome stuff possible for people. It can document and share unique perspectives to inspire individual action.

One List One Life is more than just helping cancer patients – it’s about thousand of people (including us) struggling through life as best they can.

One List One Life

How it Works

We reach out to cancer patients (through social media, GoFundMe, etc) and work with them to make a bucket list. In most cases, they haven’t even considered a bucket list before. 

We encourage them to come up with a list that has a combination of adventure, sillyness, and opportunity. We think that a bucket list is a great way to express who they are, so something as easy as ‘Play in a Fortnite tournament’ is awesome.

Once they complete their bucket list, we consider how we can combine items, schedule videos, and just generally make it possible. What can we do to make this possible? How do we document that journey? For example, when trying to get Lexi meet a Marvel Actor, we watched all Marvel movies in one livestream (48 hours straight). In typical OLOL fashion, it didn’t work. Now, we’re working on renting out a theater to screen ‘End Game’ to a group of cancer survivors to generate awareness.

All of this is made possible by our community – either with views/engagement or by people who ‘subscribe’ monthly as a ‘Bucketeer’ on our website. That is, they give anywhere from $5 to $95 a month to support our content.

To grow our business, we need to improve our content, get more views, and increase our paid subscribers.

Our Successes

  • Our story has seen over 100 Million views across the internet, and even more across news/TV. 
  • We’ve been featured in domestic and international news platforms, like:
    • Washington Post
    • Fox News
    • Steve Harvey
    • BBC
  • We’ve partnered with large content creators, like:
    • Rooster Teeth
    • Demolition Ranch
    • Molly Burke
    • H3H3
  • We’ve partnered with large companies, like:
    • Red Bull
    • Dunlop
    • EPIC Games
    • RIOT Games
    • Tempur Pedic
  • We have made INCREDIBLE things possible for people that are going through difficult times
  • We inspired over 11,000 people to join the bone marrow registry
  • We met/partnered with celebrities like:
    • The Rock
    • Danny Devito
    • Chris Angel
    • Will Ferrell
  • Our content actively inspires our viewers to improve themselves

Our Failures

One List One Life was created because Dillon’s best friend was given 1-year to live – Dillon dropped out college and started to work with him on their bucket list. This story went VIRAL and has fueled 90% off our successes in the past. We have been working to transition that to helping others, but a large amount of our support no longer exists. The companies, organizations, and people we worked with in the past are not interested in what we are trying to move towards. Additionally, our past had such strength (views and impact wise), that it overshadows a majority of the things we are currently working on.

Right now, our biggest challenge is establishing a following that is here for our new mission, not our old story. 

What's the future?

Beyond growing One List One Life to inspire more people, create more content, and help more cancer patients – we have rough roadmaps for related content. That is, One List One Life is largely about communicating unique perspectives – we have several ideas that could be as large as OLOL. For example, a show that follows people with disabilities as they overcome their greatest challenges.

We fully intend to build this website/channel into a business – something that continues to challenge us for years to come. 

Do you want to

Email the below information to dillon@onelistonelife.com:

  • What is something on your bucket list?
  • Do you have any experience with cancer? (yourself, family, friends)
  • Have you ever had an idea for a business?
  • What’s the most difficult challenge in your life right now?
  • Your Resume
  • Say a cancer patient wanted to climb a mountain: how would you make that possible?