How To Help

Meeting Talon - One List One Life
Meeting Talon - One List One Life

How To Help

We need your help.

We’re just two average guys trying to help cancer patients with their bucket lists – turns out those are expensive! 

Bucketeers are community members registered on our site – which makes our documentary videos possible by providing financial and community support on a monthly basis. 

Join Others In Changing Lives.

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How are you helping?

On average, each bucket list item requires $417.

  • Flights - The people we're helping have dreams of traveling across the world
  • Accomadations - We need somewhere to stay while on our adventures
  • Activities - Each bucket list item has a cost associated with it
  • Videos - We work extremely hard to make relatable videos to show exactly how your support is making a different

Gold Bucketeer

Gold Bucketeers make a huge impact – please accept the following thank you gifts:

  • TWO Free T-Shirts
  • Hand - Written Thank You Letter
  • Your Name In The Credits Of Our Videos

Bronze Bucketeer

Silver Bucketeer

  • Hand - Written Thank You Letter
  • Your Name In The Credits Of Our Videos

More ways to help

Here’s a few other ways you can help with One List One Life’s mission or, you can make a one-time contribution.

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