Learning How To Ride a Bike As An Adult

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One List One Life is the story of two friends, Clay and Dillon, doing everything they can to make bucket list dreams possible for people greatly affected by cancer. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s sad. Hell, sometimes Clay even dresses up as a Cheetah. We’ve seen the crazy things that happen when you spend just a little bit of effort to Live For Another and One List One Life is our attempt to document all the high’s and low’s of that journey.

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  1. Funniest video you guys have ever made!!

  2. Such a fun video, I’m terrible at riding bikes. I was good at it for a long time, but I had a spat with vertigo, fell a lot, stopped doing it, now it’s been like 15 years since I had a bike.

    My sense is the running into trash cans is the same reason people new to snowboarding crash into other people. Watching where you don’t want to go, instead of focusing on where you do.

    My best advice learning to snowboard was if you get nervous you’ll hit something, point at where you want to go. You naturally turn your body in ways to move towards what you are looking at. So if you are thinking “oh crap I’m going to hit those trashcans” and stare at them- boom, you hit the trashcan.

    • That’s some good advice! Thinking back on it, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly why I crashed a bunch lol

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