Lexi's Bucket List

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(1) Meet Selena Gomez
(2) Go back to the beach
(3) Play with a pile of puppies
(4) Meet any Marvel Actor
(5) Go to a Duke Game in Cameron Indoor
(6) Meet a cheetah
(7) Swim with Dolphins
(8) Travel to Hawaii, my dream vacay
(9) Backstage P!ATD concert or Bastille concert
(10) Walk a fashion runway
(11) Zip-lining on a real zip-line
(12) Be on Ellen
(13) Do 50 random acts of kindness in one day
(14) Extra in a commercial, tv show or movie
(15) Meet Shane & Ryan from Buzzfeed Unsolved
(16) Visit Yosemite
(17) Tour Giants stadium
(18) Throw First Pitch at a Tiger's Game
(19) Pay for someone else’s meal dining out
(20) Visit Alcatraz
(21) Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
(22) Go to a famous person's restaurant
(23) Visit the Redwood Forest
(24) Visit Europe
(25) Watch all the marvel movies in order
(26) Visit Universal studios *
(27) Visit a Movie Set
(28) Hug a Redwood
(29) Get a Tattoo
(30) Start a Viral Hashtag
(31) Try a Kobe Beef Burger
(32) Be on a famous persons Instagram
(33) Help Paint a Mural
(34) Be on a Billboard with One List, One Life
(35) Meet Markiplier
(36) Visit a children's hospital