Lexi's Bucket List

Who Is Lexi?

We met Lexi after seeing her post on Reddit, where she was sitting in a hospital room on her birthday, yet still had a huge smile on her face. When we messaged her, we didn’t know what our plan was but we knew we wanted to help make her bucket list a reality.

In 2017, Lexi was given a 17% chance to live after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Ewings Sarcoma. For the past year our community has been helping her complete her bucket list.

(1) Meet Selena Gomez

(2) Go Back To The Beach

(3) Play with a pile of puppies

(4) Meet Any Marvel Actor

(5) Go To a Duke Game at Cameron Indoor

(6) Meet a Cheetah

(7) Swim with Dolphins

(8) Travel to Hawaii (my dream vacay)

(9) Go Backstage at a P!ATD concert or Bastille Concert

(10) Walk a fashion runway

(11) Zip-Lining on a real zip line

(12) Be On Ellen

(13) Do 50 Random Acts of Kindness in one day

(14) Extra in a commercial, tv show, or movie

(15) Meet Shane & Ryan from Buzzfeed Unsolved

(16) Visit Yosemite

(17) Tour Giants Stadium

(18) Throw First Pitch at a Tiger’s Game

(19) Pay For Someone Else’s Meal Dining Out

(20) Visit Alcatraz

(21) Walk The Golden Gate Bridge

(22) Go To A Famous Person’s Restaurant

(23) Visit The Redwood Forest

(24) Visit Europe

(25) Watch All The Marvel Movies In Order

(26) Visit Universal Studios

(27) Visit a Movie Set

(28) Hug a Redwood

(29) Get a Tattoo

(30) Start a Viral Hashtag

(31) Try a Kobe Beef Burger

(32) Be on a Famous Person’s Instagram

(33) Help paint a mural

(34) Be on a Billboard with One List One Life

(35) Meet Markiplier

(36) Visit a Children’s Hospital

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