Lexi's Bucket List

Who Is Lexi?

We met Lexi after seeing her post on Reddit, where she was sitting in a hospital room on her birthday, yet still had a huge smile on her face. When we messaged her, we didn’t know what our plan was but we knew we wanted to help make her bucket list a reality.

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(1) Meet Selena Gomez

(2) Go Back To The Beach

(3) Play with a pile of puppies

(4) Meet Any Marvel Actor

(5) Go To a Duke Game at Cameron Indoor

(6) Meet a Cheetah

(7) Swim with Dolphins

(8) Travel to Hawaii (my dream vacay)

(9) Go Backstage at a P!ATD concert or Bastille Concert

(10) Walk a fashion runway

(11) Zip-Lining on a real zip line

(12) Be On Ellen

(13) Do 50 Random Acts of Kindness in one day

(14) Extra in a commercial, tv show, or movie

(15) Meet Shane & Ryan from Buzzfeed Unsolved

(16) Visit Yosemite

(17) Tour Giants Stadium

(18) Throw First Pitch at a Tiger’s Game

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(19) Pay For Someone Else’s Meal Dining Out

(20) Visit Alcatraz

(21) Walk The Golden Gate Bridge

(22) Go To A Famous Person’s Restaurant

(23) Visit The Redwood Forest

(24) Visit Europe

(25) Watch All The Marvel Movies In Order

(26) Visit Universal Studios

(27) Visit a Movie Set

(28) Hug a Redwood

(29) Get a Tattoo

(30) Start a Viral Hashtag

(31) Try a Kobe Beef Burger

(32) Be on a Famous Person’s Instagram

(33) Help paint a mural

(34) Be on a Billboard with One List One Life

(35) Meet Markiplier

(36) Visit a Children’s Hospital

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