Our Best Friend Was Given 1-Year To Live.

Now We’re Helping Others.

What happened to Chris?

In 2017, Chris was given a year to live.

Dillon dropped out of college and asked the world to help him spend that last year experiencing their bucket list.

After our community helped us cross off 50+ bucket list items…we broke the world record for the most bone marrow donor signups in one day. 

One of the people who signed up ended up being a donor for Chris: his cancer is gone.

We're Not Done Yet.

We’re so grateful for what our community did – Clay and Dillon are now devoted to helping other cancer patients.

After our community helped saved our best friends life, we realized there’s an opportunity to help others.

We quit our jobs so that we could devote all of our time to help making bucket list dreams possible for cancer patients.

Now, we make a crowdfunded video series where we inspire our community to do everything they can to #LiveForAnother as we tell the story of these people’s lives.