One List One Life

a Live For Another Story

What do you do when you find out your best friend has been given one year to live?

We faced that heartbreaking news when our best friend Chris got word that the leukemia he battled as a child was back with a vengeance. Without a bone marrow transplant, he would likely lose his battle with cancer within the year.

Wanting to support our friend, we decided to take a giant leap of faith and quit college to help create and fulfill a bucket list for our buddy. Little did we know that we were about to embark on an adventure that would capture national attention and lead to life-changing discoveries.

In November 2017, we posted our first documentary about Chris’s battle and our initial idea to ‘Live For Another‘.

“Last month, my best friend called me and told me he was dying.”

As an attempt cross off items on Chris’s bucket list, we began One List One Life: a website and YouTube channel to help keep people in the loop of our experience. 

Our original 127-item bucket list had everything on it from small, ordinary things to larger-than-life dreams, including:

  • Try the world’s hottest pepper
  • Have a pillow fight with complete strangers
  • Give homeless people food and water
  • Break a world record
  • Watch the entire “Lord of the Rings” trilogy back to back

As each goal was reached, we crossed it off the list. Our biggest dream was to break a world record. Naturally, we wanted the effort to have meaning and help build a legacy for our friend. After a number of ideas, we decided to try and break the record for getting the most bone marrow donor signups in one day.

That idea led a campaign to called Lemons for Leukemia. Just like the Ice Bucket Challenge,  the Lemons for Leukemia effort went viral. We were fortunate enough to appear on national morning shows and meet celebrities like Danny DeVito (which crossed another bucket item off the list, too).

Our community came together and all of our efforts worked. On March 1, 2018, 3,715 people signed up to be a bone marrow donor — a world record. Eventually, more than 11,000 people joined the donor list in our honor.

Then, the unexpected happen. Just like when this all started, we created a documentary to make a huge announcement…

One of our viewers – a stranger who saw our story and decided to sign up to donate bone marrow – was a match for Chris. That meant he found a bone marrow donor and his life was saved.

Since completing his bone marrow transplant in 2018, Chris is now living a cancer free life! 

Naturally, that experience changed our lives. Throughout the entire process of going viral and getting national attention…we always felt like we didn’t deserve any of the amazing opportunities people were doing for us.

That’s when we came up with the idea of ‘Live For Another‘. As a thanks to all of the people that helped our friend Chris, we are continuing a documentary series all about helping others. 

From visiting dozens of children’s hospitals to helping a father battling cancer…we want to continue to spread goodness to the world through our documentaries. Check out some of our recent stories, like when we bought a bunch of billboards to help a cancer patient get on Ellen by clicking here

With cancer out of the way, Chris is living a normal life and is no longer working on Live For Another, but you can follow his instagram for more updates. 

We're Not Done Yet.

We’re so grateful for what our community did we created a documentary series all about helping others.

After our community helped saved our best friends life, we realized there’s an opportunity to help others.

We quit our jobs so that we could continue making documentaries about the goodness in the world.

Now, we make a crowdfunded video series where we inspire our community to do everything they can to Live For Another.