OLM Info

In an effort to grow our organization, we run another company called One List Media – in short we provide digital marketing services. It’s our way of being able to make a living without having to work a full-time job that would limit our ability to do One List One Life activities on a consistent basis.

As an example of some of the things we do:

For a Thousand Oaks Plumbing Company, we are helping with their website. CRC Plumbing is plumbing company that provides general plumbing services in their town of Thousand Oaks. It is family owned and they do a lot of good stuff.

There is also a company that provides metal gates in our home town of Sacramento. Irish Iron provides a bunch of stuff, from metal gates to metal fences. They are also kind enough to loan us a back room for Clay and I to run both One List One Life and One List Media.

As a final example of our other company, One List Media – we made the website for company called Starpointe Consulting, in which two local experts provide life coaching and support for kids with ‘Failure to Launch Syndrome