Chris and Dillon’s bucket list (in no particular order)

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(1) Make the rest of the list
(2) Massive game of paintball
(3) 100% Achievements in Call of Duty 4
(4) Set a world record
(5) See a baseball game
(6) Be on TV
(7) See Sequoia National Forest
(8) Go to a buffet and eat until they tell me to leave
(9) Meet Burnie Burns
(10) Culture trip to San Francisco
(11) Try the World's Hottest Pepper
(12) Escape room
(12) Lift weights with The Rock
(13) Laser dodging game
(14) Meet and go shooting with Matt from DemolitionRanch
(15) Meet Idubbbz
(16) Massive game of dog ball
(17) Film a ‘prank’ video
(18) TP Someone’s House
(19) Help an old lady cross the street
(20) Meet Johnny Depp and listen to some of his amazing stories
(21) Go around and give homeless people food and water
(22) Smash a Real Guitar
(23) Raft down the river
(24) Host a haunted house
(25) Watch the entire lord of the rings trilogy back to back
(26) Yell really loud in a quiet place
(27) Have a different car eventually
(28) Christmas Carol (in July?)
(29) Find love before I die
(30) Have a pillow fight with complete strangers
(31) Go to Yosemite
(32) Befriend a homeless person
(33) Help demolish a house
(34) Swim in a frozen lake
(35) Build a huge beach fort
(36) Fly a plane
(37) Build a huge sandcastle
(38) Road Trip!
(39) Go sky diving
(40) Meet Philip Defranco
(41) Climb a mountain
(42) Paraglide in Lake Tahoe
(43) Order 100 of an item from a fast food place
(44) Light off fireworks in the desert
(45) Winning a carnival game
(46) Live a day as a blind person
(47) Give a speech on something I know nothing about
(48) Ask a store for stuff they do not sell
(49) Get our art published in a Gallery
(50) Go on the world’s longest slide
(51) Meet someone from Reddit
(52) Visit Japan
(53) Hand food to people sitting next to us in traffic
(54) Be on Russian TV
(55) Shoot a grenade launcher in Las Vegas
(56) Make a movie*
(57) Be on Ellen
(58) Eat Matsusaka beef in Japan (suggested by Patron)
(59) Backpack through Europe (suggested by Patron)
(60) Bungee Jump (suggested by Patron)
(61) Dive with sharks (suggested by Patron)
(62) Get matching tattoos (suggested by Patron)
(63) Game with Total Biscuit
(64) Be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade
(65) Go to space
(66) Smash stuff with a steam roller
(67) Try one new food everyday for a week(suggested by Patron)
(68) Go on a tour of Gamers Gift visits
(69) Be in a video game
(70) Host an episode of Vsauce
(71) Be in a car race
(72) Be on Good Mythical Morning
(73) Go to a rope course
(74) Go to Broadway (in honor of Christal Higgins)
(75) Walk on a fashion runway
(76) Be on ‘Dad Jokes’
(77) Ride an elephant (in honor of Alice Ruggles)
(78) Fly in a jet plane (in honor of Anonymous)
(79) Give a TED Talk
(80) Survive on a island for a week
(81) Adopt a shelter animal
(82) Do 50 random acts of kindness in one day
(83) Meet Ethan from H3H3
(84) Sensory Deprivation Tank
(85) Learn how to play guitar
(86) Do a pull up
(87) Go on a blind date
(88) Have a real christmas
(89) Get a headrub in India
(90) Helicopter Ride over New York (In honor of Marci Santiago)
(91) Present the national anthem at a sports game
(92) Take someone on their dream vacation
(93) Help a homeless person get a job
(94) Room Service Buffet
(95) Pay for someone's college
(96) Be on the price is right
(97) See the northern lights (suggested by Patron)
(98) Receive a giant check
(99) Get our RuneScape accounts back
(100) Get smothered in puppies
(101) Fly in the 0% gravity plane (suggested by Patron)
(102) Ride a bull (suggested by Patron)
(103) Meet Danny Devito
(104) Be a CEO for a day
(105) Solve a Rubix Cube
(106 Try the hottest hot sauce
(107) Learn how to ride a motorcycle with Snowcat
(108) Do something cool with bitcoin
(109) Film a vlog with Casey Neistat (suggested by a Patron)
(110) Invest in something
(111) Go off roading on an ATV around California
(112) Visit Hawaii
(113) Give someone their dream day
(114) Build a computer with LinusTechTips
(115) Get a credit card eventually
(116) Build a house of cards
(117) Give out free hugs
(118) Help other people with cancer live their bucket list
(119) Beat 'Emily Wants To Play’ in VR
(120) Play a D&D campaign
(121) Play PUBG or Fortnite with Terry Crews (in honor of Anonymous)
(122) Ride a motorcycle across Alaska
(123) Trickshots with Dude Perfect (in honor of James Chras)
(124) Watch Saving Private Ryan in IMAX
(125) Get a new bed
(126) Play with a Boston Dynamics robot