Hey RT Community, we owe you BIG time...we have an idea.

January 31st, 2019

Summary: RT helped give us a platform to talk about bone marrow transplants, directly contributing to our friend beating cancer…we were so blow away by that love and support that we decided to try and use the momentum we gathered to give back.

We want to work with RT to host a private screening of ‘End Game’ for a group of children in the hospital. More importantly, we want to try and surprise them with a video introduction from some of the Marvel Cast – to encourage them to keep fighting.

How To Help: I think Jack Patillo may be the best person to help here, given his relationship with Alamo Drafthouse and Dell Children’s Hospital. Please consider sharing this with RT staff – the best way to help make it possible. 

What's the story here?

Last year, my best friend was re-diagnosed with cancer and given a year to live – Barbara/Burnie (and other RT staff) helped him cross off 2 bucket list items at once…plus even got Peter Jackson to record an introduction to the LoTR trilogy at a private screening at the RT HQ. (he also got to do some voiceover for GenLock..HYPE). 

That ALONE makes us extremely grateful to RT.

But then, Gus and the podcast team allowed us the opportunity to speak and raise awareness for our social media challenge #LemonsForLeukemia. See, my best friend needed to find a bone marrow donor and we were on a huge campaign to raise awareness. Thanks to RT, we broke a world record and inspired over 11,000 people to join the bone marrow registry…one of those people, someone from Europe, saved my best friends life.

So, what's our idea?

The hospitality, love, and support from people like Barbara and Burnie inspired my friend Clay (not the one with cancer) and I to commit to quiting our jobs and continue helping other cancer patient’s with their bucket lists.

We met a young women, given a 17% chance to live, through a post she made on Reddit.

Clay and I have been helping Lexi cross off a bunch of stuff from her bucket list (meeting a CheetahVisit The BeachVisit Yosemite) but #4 and #13 have been causing us some problems.

She wants to ‘Meet a Marvel Actor’ and do 50 Random Acts of Kindness in one day. Our first attempt to work with a marvel actor didn’t go well, Clay and I watched EVERY Marvel movie in one livestream (48 hours long) to raise awareness…it fell flat haha.

BUT…we thought it would be AWESOME to help Lexi do something amazing for other children in the hospital while also crossing an item off of her bucket list…so we thought that maybe RT could work with us to connect with a theater (Alamo, maybe?), connect with the children’s hospital, and connect with Marvel actors to film a short video for the kids (Michael B Jordon, Jacob Batalon).

Meeting Talon - One List One Life

One List One Life is the story of two friends, Clay and Dillon, doing everything they can to make bucket list dreams possible for people greatly affected by cancer. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s sad. Hell, sometimes Clay even dresses up as a Cheetah. We’ve seen the crazy things that happen when you spend just a little bit of effort to Live For Another and One List One Life is our attempt to document all the high’s and low’s of that journey.

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