Talon's Bucket List

Who Is Talon?

We met Talon after searching GoFundMe in our city looking for people to help. We reached out to Talon’s mom on Facebook and started working to make (and complete) his bucket list!

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(1) Meet Gordon Ramsey

(2) Eat at one of Bobby Flay’s Restaurants

(3) Eat at Hell’s Kitchen 

(4) Go Deep Sea Fishing 

(5) Meet The Rock 

(6) Meet The Giants Team 

(7) Be the bat boy for a Giants Game 

(8) Backstage with Flo-Rida 

(9) Backstage with Drake

(10)Get an outdoor ping-pong table 

(11) Visit The Grand Canyon 

(12) Play Ping Pong on an Oversized Ping Pong Table 

(13) Break a world record 

(14) Meet ‘Fired Up Garage’ 

(15) Make a prank video 

(16) Stay a night in a huge hotel suite 

(17) Pretend to be a dog and chase a mailman 

(18) Throw a tennis ball off the Golden Gate Bridge (we’re looking into how to do this safely and legally) 

(19) Play Soccer in Golf Carts 

(20) Get kicked out of a store 

(21) Be in a movie 

(22) Drive or ride in a race care 

(23) Be a judge for a day 

(24) Be a cop for a day 

(25) Be in a Danny Duncan video 

(26) Have a huge tennis ball fight 

(27) Have a flash mob 

(28) Give slurpees to homeless people 

(29) Have an ultimate race in Golf Carts 

(30) Play in an Apex tournament 

(31) Have a huge scavenger hunt with friends 

(32) Destroy a house with a wrecking ball 

(33) Go to hawaii and see the volcanoes 

(34) Learn how to cook like a Benihana Chef

To finish Talon’s and Lexi’s bucket list, we’ll need to reach our goal:


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