#4: Set a World Record 

We Did it. On March 1st 3,715 people signed up to save someones life as a bone marrow donor.

Thank you.

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How To Help.

Step 1. Join The Registry On March 1st

Help us set this world record by signing up to be a bone marrow donor. A simple cheek swab kit to your house can help save someones life. Order the kit on March 1st (it's free) to help break the record. Click here

Step 2. #LemonsForLeukemia

When life hands you lemons...you make lemonade. Film yourself creativily making lemonade and challenge your friends (tag us @onelistonelife and link www.onelist.life). Here's more info.

Step 3. Follow One List, One Life on Youtube


Step 4. Support Our Bucket List on Patreon


About Us

In late October, Chris called and told me his cancer was returning.

He said ''I'm afraid I won't be able to experience the things I want to in life."  I decided to drop out of college to spend time experiencing our bucket list together.

My Best Friend is the story of Chris' life. Join us in our journey to document, experience, and inspire all of the amazing things that make life worth living.